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Regal Diamond Skull Ring-Ring-AJT Jewellery
Regal Diamond Skull Ring-Ring-AJT Jewellery
Regal Diamond Skull Ring-Ring-AJT Jewellery

Regal Diamond Skull Ring


Do you want to look and feel like a celebrity? Look no further than this amazingly unique Regal Diamond Skull Ring featuring beautiful and jaw-dropping 10mm 3.87-carat brilliant cut white lab-grown diamond eyes. Worn by the total boss Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, this Diamond Skull Ring will make you stand out and feel like a star. This gorgeous ring is made from extremely high-quality sterling silver 925 and will last for eternity. 

Lab Made Diamonds, are visually, chemically, and physically identical to naturally mined Diamonds. Since these diamonds are made of the exact same properties, they exhibit the exact same level of fire, scintillation, and sparkle. They're almost identical in every way and just as beautiful. The only significant difference is where the diamond was formed, whether it was created underground or in a laboratory. Diamonds are formed under an immense level of heat and pressure deep down in the earth’s crust. Now by utilizing cutting-edge technology, the conditions under which diamonds are naturally developed can be mimicked in a laboratory.


Material- Hand Made in Solid Sterling Silver.925 

Finish- Black Oxidized, High Gloss Polish 

Ring Dimensions- 4.5cm Length X 3.0cm Wide

Weight- 80-120 Grams (Weight will change with ring size) 

Shank- 1.2cm Wide X 3.0mm Thick 

Stones- X2 (Two) 10mm 3.87 ct. Lab-Grown Diamonds (VS1/ VS2, F-G COLOUR, As the two Diamonds are so large they will vary in Colour, Size, Cut, and Clarity just like natural Diamonds found in the ground. The above information is approximate, and once the order is placed AJT Jewellery will make contact with you to ensure the best stones are selected for this custom-made one-of-a-kind Diamond Skull Ring. 


AJT Jewellery pieces are made with carefully selected precious metals and materials. Please handle with care for longer product life.

This piece has been produced using hypoallergenic materials in accordance with the current international regulations

To care for this piece please clean and polish it with a soft polishing cloth