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Ancient people believed that an image of an animal on an ornament gives its owner special properties. The symbol of a dragon, according to Chinese beliefs, gave immortality. The snake was considered a signifier of wisdom. Rulers, generals, and brave warriors often chose lion ornaments as a symbol of domination and leadership. It comes as no surprise that lion images can be found on many artifacts of antiquity. Lion rings were especially popular. Even today many people believe that such an item give them the power of this ferocious beast.


Lion is the king of all animals. In Japan and Central Asia, a lion is considered to be a protector and formidable guard. In Christianity, he is the enemy and the messenger of the devil. However, all cultures agree that a lion personifies strength and power.

Angry Lion Ring

For many cultures, a lion was a symbol of perseverance and courage, greatness and strength. In India, he was depicted on the throne of the ruler while in China he guarded the entrances to the sacred buildings. Ancient Egyptians had a tradition to forge keys in the shape of a lion. If we look in mythology, various deities often took a lion’s form. For instance, Kronos, the master of time, had a lion’s head; the three-headed Cerberus, the guard of the underworld, also carried a lion’s head. In Slavic mythology, the lion was considered to be a symbol of the god of war.


Not only does the lion symbolism give a special meaning to jewelry but also it is important how you wear these items. When you wear a ring on the little finger, it reveals your ability to communicate and negotiate. Also, a lion ring on the pinky enhances your creative potential.

A ring on the middle finger will bring harmony and tranquility. You should adorn your index finger when there is a lack of autonomy and independence and you seek to increase self-esteem. The ring on the thumb is responsible for the intellect and thinking.

A lion ring on the ring finger reveals its capacity to the fullest extent. By wearing a ring like this, you will get maximum strength since the ring finger is a conductor of success and achievements.

Large lion signet ring

The lion is considered a protector and a symbol of power and success. Therefore, if you wear a ring on the right hand, you activate your leadership skills and the desire to win. When you choose the left hand, a lion ring will give more protection and self-confidence. Such properties are explained due to the fact that the right hand is a conductor of man's energy while the left hand denotes female energy.

Lion King Mufasa Silver Ring

It is worth paying attention to the way a lion is depicted. The image of a lion with a swinging paw, grinning mouth, or in a jump speaks of aggression. A man wearing such a ring is determined to achieve his goals. If a lion is relaxed, it symbolizes wisdom and calmness. An owner of such jewelry thinks his decisions through and steadfastly defends his opinion and position.