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The Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


The Australian Terminator Genisys event (similar to the one in Brazil) will take place tomorrow (June 4) at Event Cinemas on George Street. Arnold (The Guardian/Pops) and Jai Courtney (Kyle Reese) will be teaming up to walk the red carpet at the event and to do a special preview and talk about the movie.

The hot news is that Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a special ring commissioned to be made for him,- a Limited Edition one of a kind piece of jewelry depicting the Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton Skull and we managed to speak the man who made it!

The ring is made from Solid Sterling Silver. It is 5cm in length with two 2.5mm Red Ruby Eyes and weighs approx 140 grams.

What does it say on the back of the ring?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Limited Edition 1 of 1

How long did it take to make the ring?

It has taken me approx three months to make. Arnold’s Terminator skull is Limited Edition 1 of 1 custom made only for him. I cannot issue any more rings for anyone other than Arnold.

This is the original classic Endoskeleton design right?

Yes, it is the classic T-800 skull design

You can find out more about Anthony’s work and his company @ajtjewellery in the links below.

The ring is amazing and have total faith that Arnold Schwarzenegger will love it and finally; we should see him wearing this ring proudly on his hand at other Terminator events in the lead up to the worldwide releases of Terminator Genisys.

We will obviously update this post accordingly with more info and images should they become available!