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REPOST @lionwhisperersa 🦁 . HELP US HELP...

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REPOST @lionwhisperersa 🦁
REPOST @lionwhisperersa 🦁 . HELP US HELP THE LIONS 🦁 Thor the White Lion Pendant in collaboration with @lionwhisperersa The @ajtjewellery Thor Lion 🦁 Pendant Each Pendant is hand made out of Solid Sterling Silver .925 with the @lionwhisperersa hallmark and @ajtjewellery hallmark. Each pendant comes with a 21" Sterling Silver .925 Ball Chain 🦁 When you purchase one of the Thor White Lion Pendants you will help support the sanctuary . . πŸ™πŸ»πŸ¦ It’s good to be back with my furry friends. It would appear Livy missed me. Some people have a cowlick, others a lionlick. No New Years resolution this year, just a continuation of last years thinking process which includes trying to stay positive minded (despite current circumstances), kind to humans (despite some people’s continuous negativity & ulterior motives), kind to animals (no despite anything here as animals don’t have any hidden agendas) and just trying to be an overall better human being. No one is perfect, that’s for sure, but we can all do a little bit in trying to be better people. I know I’m trying to be conscious of that daily. . . #consciousness #reconnectwithnature #bekind #kindness #kindtoanimals #kindtopeople #lionlove #lion #lioness #roughtongue #ajtjewellery #lionpendant #lionring #jewelry #pendant