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Men’s jewelry is an essential attribute of a stylish and confident man who is not afraid to experiment with his look. Accessories become a kind of distinctive feature of the owner, give him elegance and discreet chic. AJT Jewellery introduces our vast collections of badass jewelry for bold and audacious men.

Wayne Howlett- Australia AJT Jewellery Calavera Skull Ring

Wayne Howlett AJT Jewellery Skull Ring


Contrary to popular belief, it was men who have been the first to wear jewelry. At first, ornaments have been components of social status and prosperity, valiant marks of warriors, and simply spectacular decorations for men. Today, the love for stylish accessories has not disappeared among the sterner sex.

Over the centuries, ornaments have been given powerful protective properties. They have been an amulet on the battlefield and protected from evil spirits. Silver accessories personified masculinity while gold bracelets, chains, and rings, especially inlaid with precious stones, accentuated the particularly high status of their owner. 

Angry Silver Lion Head Ring

Men's jewelry has changed with every era, becoming more concise and sophisticated. In addition, each man in his own way uses the opportunity to enhance his look with gold or silver accessories. The social status of a person, education, mentality, belonging to a particular group or preferences also affect the choice of accessories.

In any case, modern men just can’t get enough of stylish and original jewelry made of silver or gold, with precious stones decor and without it. Even those guys who don’t quite like jewelry, sooner or later will definitely get an accessory they can’t live without.

Anthony Troiano Classic Filigree Skull Ring

Anthony Troiano Filigree Skull Ring

Men's jewelry items are significantly different from their counterparts for the gentle sex. This is largely due to the fact that they carry timeless designs, feature massive shapes, and more durable. In general, jewelry for men has a whole lot of advantages, namely:

  • versatility - men's jewelry practically does not go out of fashion regardless of design and current trends;
  • longevity and wear and tear resistance - products retain their appeal and functionality even if you wear them every day;
  • classic men’s jewelry remains relevant despite the change in your age or social status;
  • you have a unique opportunity to memorize a significant event in your life by engraving a ring or pendant;
  • you are able to maintain your status and sense of fashion by experimenting with stylish accessories;
  • an accessory you choose will be able to match your character, individuality, traits, and temperament, enhancing your confidence and masculinity;
  • today, men have access to a wide range of badass jewelry with unique design solutions, allowing choosing items for every taste and budget;
  • really quality-made and one of a kind jewelry can be handed down from generation to generation as a family jewel, or it will become a nice investment for the future.


Sometimes it is quite difficult to choose a gift for a man. We offer several diverse collections dripping with badass and cool accessories every man will be excited to own.


Rings are multifaceted and stylish jewelry. Our collections boast various models of genuinely masculine signets and rings, both gold and silver, inlaid with precious, semi-precious, and synthetic stones. Rings are the most popular jewelry for men. Most men only wear a wedding ring, but why limit oneself if there are so many cool rings with intricate metalwork or items adorned with precious stones?

In our collections, you will find a variety of magnetic rings with modern designs and commanding symbolisms, from burly and bold rigs for special occasions to sophisticated everyday bands: Skull rings; 

Half Anatomical Skull Ring Keith Richards

Checkout The Half Anatomical Skull Ring

The replica of the legendary Keith Richards ring will be a great gift for a rock and roll buff. This ring is striking in its simplicity and simultaneous attention to detail. Never before has a human skull reproduced in jewelry looked so realistic. Keith Richards Ring is a statement of your confidence and active life position. Not required to be reinforced with other jewelry, this ring will become the centerpiece of your look.

Rings with a religious theme;

Religious motifs are a recurring theme in jewelry for various subcultures, including bikers. This artfully crafted Rosario Sterling Silver cross ring is suitable both for those who want to publicly declare their religious beliefs and for individuals looking for a daring accessory. Covering the cross with gold gives the composition a volume and makes crucified Christ stand out. The ring is decorated with inlaid of artificial diamonds.

Rosario Silver Cross Ring

Checkout The Rosario Sterling Silver Cross Ring 

Animal-themed rings;

This massive Eagle head biker ring does not have any excessive details. This is just a masterfully cast solid ring made from 925 sterling silver. It is as serious and commanding as the eagle that the ring depicts. This respected bird is the patron saint of Indian tribes and in the modern world, it often acts as a totem of proud-spirited and independent bikers.

Eagle Head Biker Ring

Checkout The Bald Headed Eagle Sterling Silver Ring

Dragon Rings;

This mythical creature has been deeply revered in the East and Despised in Western culture. The dragon is a wise, noble, but at the same time, insidious creature that kills people and destroys villages. This dragon ring shows the dual nature of the dragon and speaks of its owner as a courageous and dangerous man.

The Chinese Dragon Silver Ring

Checkout The Chinese Dragon Silver Ring

Gambling Rings;

This ring is for those who want to tame luck. If gambling is in your blood and you cannot live a day without the risk and adrenaline rush, this ring will be your lucky charm. 

Ace of spades skull ring

Check The Ace Of Spades Skull Ring


Necklaces made in various weaving techniques conquer with their individuality. They will become an excellent gift for your loved one, friend, or brother. The great benefit of necklaces is that you can wear them every day, as well as combine several chains of different lengths at once. Just remember that the composition of several chains will look the most stylish if you use products of approximately the same thickness or shorter but thicker chains in combination with longer and thinner ones. Men's necklaces will look spectacular both by themselves and paired with a pendant.

AJT Jewellery offers several necklace styles. 

Necklaces with religious motifs, mainly crosses;

For two millennia, two intersecting sticks, a cross, excite the minds of millions of people around the world. The cross is a confirmation of your religious beliefs and a constant reminder that Jesus has died for our sins. Today, the cross has gone beyond the bounds of a church symbol and it serves as a fashion accessory. If you are looking for a provocative and bold decoration, this Rosario cross pendant necklace cannot be ignored.

Rosario Silver Cross Chain

Checkout The Rosario Silver Cross Chain 


Many people believe that bracelets are a female accessory. However, we do not agree with this opinion. Many guys fear this ornament because they simply don’t know how to wear bracelets and combine them with different styles of clothing. In fact, there are many good reasons to buy a men's bracelet:

  1. A bracelet will become an important part of your image, the same as a ring, for example.
  2. Hand jewelry attracts attention, complements the image, lets others know about your taste and sense of fashion.
  3. In many cultures, a men's bracelet is not only a fashion accessory but also an indicator of belonging to a particular social group, a kind of identifier.

Additionally, bracelets can be an original alternative to watches. Just remember that they are only an alternative. You should not wear all your best items at once. In our catalog, you will find excellent men's bracelets made of 925 sterling silver. If you are looking for something more natural, down to earth, and original, we draw your attention to our solid silver bracelets. 

AJT Jewellery supplies a tremendous assortment of badass men’s bracelets, among which you will find various styles such as: 

Skull bracelets;

A focal point of this skull bracelet is a big bold skulls, masterfully crafted. This bracelet is a perfect match for those people who want to declare their life position and belonging to subcultures worshiping this ancient symbol.

skull bracelet

Checkout The Skull Bracelet 



Pendants with animalistic, zodiacal, totemic, and other motives will emphasize your individuality, ideology, and outlook. Men's pendants have long been considered not only a beautiful accessory but also an amulet with magical powers. Ancient people made them from scrap materials (for example, bones or stones). They believed that pendants-amulets were able to endow their owners with wisdom, strength, and courage.

Fortunately, with the development of jewelry, craftsmen started using materials more familiar to the modern person, such as steel or silver. We should also mention that original pendants on leather and rubber laces are very popular among fashionistas.

A pendant is a pretty magnetic thing. It looks quite sexy on a muscular chest in a combination with a shirt or a T-shirt with a deep V-shaped or oval neckline. Dark clothing enhanced with massive metal pendants or skillful silver chains look very stylish.

Pendants with an unusual symbolism are designed not only for rockers and non-formals. They can be a great substitution for a tie if you want to “dilute” an official office image.


Even today, in the world of freedom of self-expression and tolerance, the attitude towards men's earrings remains ambiguous. Of course, a snazzy steel earring, a glamorous gold jewelry or a neutral silver accessory may be part of a certain stage image, but it is quite difficult for a man to recite his own fashion philosophy by sporting earrings even in a very progressive society. These ornaments are considered traditional in different subcultures, such as bikers, metallers, Goths, etc. They still disturb the minds of social moralists. If you want to turn heads with your look, silver earrings is your way to success. 


If you are going to make a gift to a beloved man, friend, or family member, you must be extremely attentive and careful. To make the gift really useful and pleasant, you should make sure that a ring, chain, or pendant is of impeccable quality. Another important nuance for a modern man is the relevance and trendiness of jewelry. Generally, there are a few simple rules for choosing a piece of jewelry for your man.

The simplicity of design. The times when men's jewelry was decorated with curlicues and generously strewn with precious stones are long gone. Today, restrained minimalism and conciseness of lines are in fashion. Regardless of what you want to give your man as a present, a bracelet, ring, or a pendant, you should be guided by an elegant, strict, and masculine design. Remember that an ornament should align with the personality of its owner and deliver absolutely no discomfort.

Emphasis on jewelry metal. Gold or silver men’s jewelry is available in a wide variety. An important parameter to consider is how your ornaments match the tone of your clothes. For instance, a warm gamut of colors with a yellow accent corresponds to gold accessories. They can be successfully combined with both green and brown colors of clothing, as well as with the whole palette of sky blue. Silver products are able to accentuate black and white accents. They will complement the image of a man who prefers clothes in black, dark gray and white colors.

Functional purpose and symbolism of jewelry. Every man is very careful in choosing a piece of jewelry, as it is not just an attractive accessory, but also a means of self-expression. Indeed, a jewelry piece, if it means something, will reflect the worldview of its owner. For a long time, there was an unspoken rule that you cannot wear more than three accessories at the same time. Today, this rule still applies in a business environment where it is important to look tidy and prim. However, if you are an adherent of an informal style (biker, rocker, rapper, street artist, athlete, etc.) it is not necessary to drive yourself into strict limits. On the contrary, today's fashion lives with the motto The More The Better. There are no restrictions on how many fashion accessories you can wear. Even 10 bracelets can decorate your hand and you still will look stylish. But just remember that even the freedom of expression has certain boundaries. Thus, you should keep a coherent stylistic connection between your ornaments. It is also a sign of bad taste to wear gold and silver jewelry at once.