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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Australian Birthday presents Written by Max Markson

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Australia's jeweler to the stars, Melbourne's Anthony Troiano, 

has created two exclusive solid Sterling Silver bracelets for the Governator's 68th birthday this Thursday 30th July.

The first bracelet is a Solid Silver Skull bracelet which Arnold apparently loves the sheer size of it. The second is a unique male filigree bracelet of solid silver featuring two Skulls on the toggle clasp with a detailed filigree pattern on each link. Each link is approximately 1.5" square in size making it the biggest bracelet in Anthony Troiano's AJT Jewellery range.

AJT Jewellery Filigree Bracelet Worn By- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger's wrists are 8" and the bracelets weigh in at 200 Grams of solid silver each. The retail price of each bracelet is $2000.

Schwarzenegger has 5 of Anthony's signature Skull rings including a one of a kind Terminator Skull ring with a bejewelled diamond as eyes. Troiano's AJT Jewellery has only been making his trademark Skull and Lion rings for 18 months but Arnold and a host of Hollywood's hottest stars are already wearing his oversize, eye-catching rings on their famous fingers.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger AJT Filigree Bracelet

In addition to Arnold, Tommy Lee, Lenny Kravitz, Cara Delavingne, Sofia Vergara's fiance Joe Manganiello and Adam Lambert are just some of the global names who proudly wear Anthony's custom made jewelry. " It all started with Scott Holiday of US rock band Rival Sons seeing my Lion Ring on Instagram and now Scott says he can't play guitar without wearing his huge ring !" says Anthony. " Joe wore his giant skull ring on Jimmy Kimmell recently and texts and calls me whenever he is appearing somewhere with it on ! " continues Anthony.

Troiano's AJT Jewellery is unique for both men and women with rings in the shape of skulls , lion heads , the Julius Caesar , King Tutankhamen and Zeus rings as well as an amazing range of bracelets , necklaces and accessories for both men and women.

Anthony uses silver, gold, diamonds, and rubies and everything is made by him in Australia.

Check out his website for the full range and prices.