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Arnold Schwarzenegger: "When you shoot you must not blink"- AJT Jewellery GQ FRANCE

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: "When you shoot you must not blink"- AJT Jewellery GQ FRANCE

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "When you shoot you must not blink"

When we met Arnold Schwarzenegger to put his portrait on the cover of our July issue, he spoke more about his role in Terminator. Exclusive maintenance.

When in 1984, spelled Terminator , SF maline built around a time loop and a robot killer, no one can imagine that the film of James Cameron ( Titanic, Avatar ...) is the starting point of a billionaire saga .And the starting point of the great acting career of Arnold Schwarzenegger . " Hercules , who had embodied my idol bodybuilder Reg Park or Conan , my first big role, are movies that are done primarily with his muscles," says the actor sitting on the bench of a suite of London West Hollywood Hotel last April.

"To play Terminator my body is important, but it's my game that is important because playing a machine is a challenge.What happens in front of you, your face should betray no joy or sadness." The actor gives a concrete example of what this unusual character implies: "When you shoot you must not blink." "You do not look like a frightened child every time you fire," says Jason Taylor who plays John Connor in the new movie. "Do not blink is one of the main difficulties in a shooting scene and Arnold is unbeatable at this game."

But when you play  Terminator it goes even further, says Schwarzenegger. "You never have to look at what you're doing, you have to load your weapon without even taking a look at it and never be awkward." There are dozens of rules to keep in mind at all times. makes the role fascinating and so different from all others. "

He knows this role well since he re-wrote it in Terminator 2: The Last Judgment (1992) still by James Cameron and then inTerminator 3: The Uplift of Machines (2003) by Jonathan Mostow. In 2009 came out Terminator: Renaissance , without Arnold this time, which perhaps explains why the fifth part of the saga seems to snub his predecessor. When Sarah Connor ( Emilia Clarke ) says inTerminator Genisys : "If the past can be changed, the future can be changed too", we can read it as a reference to the fourth film whose action takes place in the future. This again illustrates the twisted charm of the time loop at the heart of the franchise.

"When the first Terminator was released , no one could imagine that it would be one of Time Magazine's 10 films of the year, and no one could imagine that the Terminator would include the list of the 100 most memorable heroes of the year. ' American Film Institute , as well as the list of 100 villains - which is unique,' says Schwarzenegger to demonstrate the importance of the character and defend his status in the history of cinema. When he adds: "Nobody would have thought that I'll be back would become the most famous replica of the history of the cinema", one is at first tempted to contradict it (and "I am your father", and "Talkin to Me?"), But we change our minds wisely

"It was a really hard shoot and the other actors had to work a lot on their physical condition. I respect them for that. But for me it's natural, I did it all my life. "

Whether he's talking about his sports career or his political career, Arnold Schwarzenegger seems completely doubtful: "That's the way I say I'll be back in Terminator that made it a memorable replica," says the actor. mechanical way of pronouncing the words, as James Cameron said, spoken by someone else, they would not have the same resonance Humphrey Bogart has his replicas, Clint Eastwood has his own ... And that's because they have said it in their own way that they have gone down to posterity. " Bogart, Eastwood, Schwarzi ... Another story of American cinema.

Arnold Schwazenegger in Terminator Genysis (2015)

With his confidence and his will made of the same metal as the skeleton of a Terminator, Schwarzi is fully committed to Terminator Genisys: "I had to train hard for this new movie, because even though it's understandable that the Terminator's skin and muscles are getting old, the machine inside does not move, so I had to the same volume as the 1984 Movie Terminator. " He also confronts the latter in a computer-generated scene called to stay in the annals of the most twisted tricks invented by Hollywood writers. "I raised the cast to take 10 kg of extra muscle, but that's not a problem, when you have control of your body you can do that," says the 67-year-old man, before adding , magnanimous: "It was a really trying shoot and the other actors had to work a lot on their physical condition, and I respect them for that.

It is also with enthusiasm that he has won for Terminator . "When we considered a new installment in the series, Arnold is the first person I called David Ellison, a young movie star producer (and son of Oracle billionaire boss Larry Ellison)." He responded immediately by proposing that we see each other. I asked him when, and he said, 'Eight o'clock tomorrow morning.' "Is this exchange true, or the result of clever storytelling to stir up enthusiasm and mask endless negotiations between lawyers? this anecdote is like the newTerminator  : The film buff in you is sometimes reserved but the fan of pop culture galvanized by each waterfall and each punch line.