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Adam Lambert Rocking His AJT Jewellery Pharaoh Ring

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Adam Lambert Proves He Can Sing Absolutely Anything With Rapid-Fire Beyoncé, Aerosmith & Rihanna Covers

Check out Adam's King Tutankhamun Ring Here:

It's a good time to be Adam Lambert. The 37-year old star just released his brand-new Velvet: Side A EP, his first solo project since 2015's The Original High, to rave reviews from critics. Now, the singer is celebrating by playing one of the Internet's favorite new games.

On Wednesday (Oct. 2), Elle posted the latest edition of their "Song Association" video series, this time starring Lambert. The rules are simple: The singer is given a key word and has 10 seconds to think of and sing the word in a popular song. If he does, he gets a point, which are tallied up and compared to his fellow stars at the game's end.

Starting off easy, Lambert takes the word "smile" and gives a lovely rendition of the Charlie Chaplin classic of the same name. After that, though, the star struggles. Presented with the words "hope" and "dear," Lambert fails to find songs that matched up. "Shoot, I am really bad at this shit," he says, laughing. "This game is hard!"


But following his flubs, the star more than makes up for it with some excellent choices: for "sweet," he takes on Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion"; "lie" transforms into the Rihanna and Eminem team-up "Love the Way You Lie"; "queen," obviously, is interpreted into "Killer Queen" by, you guessed it, Queen; he takes the word "go" and sings Beyoncé's "Green Light"; and for "you," he quickly picks up on "You and I" by Lady Gaga. All the while, he also skillfully plugs his own music, using his single "Comin' in Hot" for the word "hot" and "New Eyes" for the words "baby" and "new."

He did still struggle toward the end with some directions ... literally. When posed with both the words "down" and "up," the star giggles at his own inability to think of songs to match up with the words. "I am terrible at this game!" he squeals. "Someone just feed me some shit, because I cannot think of anything!"

Check out Adam Lambert's full round of "Song Association" below: